Miscellaneous Maya Animations

ostrichAnim from Brad Anderson on Vimeo.

chessAnim from Brad Anderson on Vimeo.

fishAnim from Brad Anderson on Vimeo.

Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots

Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots from Brad Anderson on Vimeo.
Yoshimi unleashes her vitamin-fueled karate on some unsuspecting pink robots.

Magic Jump Cube

cubeDance from Brad Anderson on Vimeo.

My first Blender animation! I call it, "Red Cube Doing a Back Flip or Barrel Roll or Somersault On a White Ground Plane."

Plywood Bike Presentation

Blogger isn't advanced enough to display PDF files so here's a link to the 40MB-big presentation. If you want to hear my commentary then you should have been at Davidson Plyforms last Wednesday.

I Never Know When I'm Done

My first real Blender renders! I might stick with these or I might try and make them better. Something seems off about them.

How I Spent My Wednesday Morning Digital Modeling Class

Another pre-textured model but this time with a monkey head.

Plywood Bike Pre-Textured

Alfa Romeo Doesn't Make Espresso Machines

Espresso machine concept. I just learned how to make those buttons in Photoshop and I may have went a little overboard.


Last time I uploaded these, blogger completely messed up the colors so I exported them as PNGs. Somehow that totally fixed all the problems. This baffles me.

Macbook Pro

The computer with which I modeled this computer.

iPod Shuffle

I literally modeled this in my sleep. I just woke up and it was on my computer.

A Mouse You Want to Buy

You would so buy like eight of these if you could.

Soap Bottles

Some soap bottles that I've rendered. I feel cleaner just looking at them.

What the Hell I Am Doing

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